MAISON FLANEUR is inspired by the French poet Charles Baudelaire's concept "Flâneur” which means saunter in French which he also was inspired by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Man of the Crowd". Creative products. The quality of the basic items strongly reflects the personality of wearer. It never fades out. Handed down from one generation to the next. As the products ages or as you wearing it reflects your personality and the past time you spend wearing it. Wherever you are in the world, either in an urban city or in a rural town, whoever looks for creativity and quality, the "Flâneur" has always given identity to the wearer. The witty dedication to details are a must for the revels who don't like to look like every one else. All the products of MAISON FLANEUR are made in a province of Veneto, Italy. Vineyards surround the workshop. It is a low-volume production because of the skillful craftsmen make with a rare and vintage hand knitting machine with the handed down method. We are producing an innovative technique with the skilled and old method. Seamless knitting is a one of them. This seamless knit provides top comfort with the natural elasticity. Whenever you wear, it fits you. A source of pride of the Veneto is a rich food culture, and a great respect for their natural environment and product, it is described as MADE IN VENETO ITALY.

The SEAMLESS knitwear has been manufactured by skillful craftsmen with rare vintage hand knitting machine and the innovative technique. The handed down method provides top comfort with the natural elasticity.

Made in Veneto Italy with pride